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Time Out is the trusted global platform that inspires and enables people to experience the best of the city. Operating in 108 cities, across 39 countries, it has an average monthly global audience reach of over 137 million across all platforms. No one knows the city like Time Out because we’ve been discovering the brilliant and searching out the secret and extraordinary since 1968. With a world-class digital platform and top-quality curated content, Time Out connects brands and local businesses to the city.

In the evolving digital world, our expertise and our growing community of Time Outers and Tastemakers put the very best of the city in the palm of your hand. We are global, and no one knows local better than we do. Since June 2016, Time Out Group is listed on London's AIM stock exchange, trading under the ticker symbol 'TMO'.

Time Out Beijing was launched in 2004 and quickly evolved to become one of the most respected publications in the city. If you want to know about food, attractions, art, culture, shopping and nightlife, then Time Out Beijing is your social companion.

Our team


Publisher Wang Boming 王波明

Executive Editor Sun Zhantao 孙占涛

Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Tan 陈庆仁

Editorial staff

Editor 主编 Lee Williamson 李威连
Deputy Editor 副主编 Frank Sweet 龙君
Associate Editor 助理编辑 Nick Gollner 高念阁 (Food and Drink)
Reporter 记者 Gissing Liu 刘阳
Editor-at-Large 责任编辑 Adrian Sandiford 苏安迪
Music Editor 音乐编辑 Jamie Fullerton 付哲铭
Propaganda Editor 编辑 Robyn Strachan 叶莺
Shopping Editor 时装编辑 Ellen Schaft 艾伦
Art Editor 艺术编辑 Josh Feola 赵识
Nightlife Editor 夜生活编辑 Yinmai O'Connor 邹银梅
Film Editor 电影编辑 Aaron Fox-Lerner 冯亚伦
Books Editor 图书编辑 Helen Roxburgh 罗海伦
Stage Editor 古典与演出编辑 Nancy Pellegrini 南茜
Queer Editor 性话题编辑 Jack Smith 史正杰


Blog and social media editor 新媒体编辑 Robyn Strachan 叶莺
Assistant Web Editor and Special Projects Editor 助理网站编辑兼特刊编辑 Patrick Moore 王大雄
Website Developer 网站开发 Wang Chao 王超

Art Department

Art Director 设计总监 Wang Qian 王倩

Photographers 摄影师 Chen Chao 陈超, Ma Ke 马克

Sales & Marketing

General Manager 总经理 Owen Peng 彭丽宝

Account Directors 行业总监 Ruby Liu 刘静,Shadow Gui 桂梦迪

Senior Account Managers 高级客户经理 Jean Xu 徐静

Account Managers 客户经理 Vivian Chen 陈雯, Amelie Dai 戴扬, Daisy Deng 邓鹏, Tina Tao 陶涛

Assistant to the General Manager 总经理助理 Xiyao Wang 王熙瑶

Advertising Assistant 广告助理 Zhang Xingyu 张星宇

Marketing Manager 市场经理 Elmer Zhao 赵玮

Marketing Associate & Distribution Manager 市场主任兼发行经理 Jingyue Lu 鹿静月

Special Projects Manager 特刊经理 Emily Gao 高婷

Special Projects Editor 特刊编辑 Paris Cheng 成亦薇

Contact us

Time Out Beijing, 21st Floor, Prime Tower, 22 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang district, Beijing, 100020

Email 编辑部邮箱 info@timeoutbeijing.com
Editorial Office Tel 编辑部电话 8565 1283
Advertising Hotline 广告热线 8565 7025 / 186 1166 7069 (Owen Peng)
Advertising Email 广告邮箱 owen.peng@timeoutcn.com
Circulation and Subscription Tel 订阅及投递热线 8565 1281

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