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Event Detail

Event Name: Great Wall Festival 2019
Date(s) of the event: Sat 18 May 2019 - Sun 19 May 2019
Start date 
 Never  Daily  Weekly  Monthly
This is a one-day event
Event Start Time: 1
Event End Time: 11pm
Event Admission: 720RMB (two-day pass)
Related Venue: Mutianyu Great Wall

Related Venue Detail

Venue Name: Mutianyu Great Wall
Open: Peak season (April 1-October 31): 7am-6.30pm Off-peak (November 1-March 31): 7.30am-5.30pm
English address: Mutianyu Village, Huairou district
Chinese address: 渤海镇慕田峪环岛
Map Location:

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