Kodo: Evolution

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Kodo: Evolution

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As Japan’s preeminent taiko drumming troupe, Kodo explores the limitless rhythmic possibilities of the traditional drum, and in the process, forges new directions for the vibrant and living art-form. In Japanese, the word “Kodo” holds a double meaning. It can be translated as “heartbeat,” the primal source of all rhythm. Indeed, the great taiko is thought to be reminiscent of a mother’s heartbeat as felt from the womb, and babies are often lulled to sleep by its thunderous vibrations. If read in a different context however, Kodo can also mean “children of the drum,” which reflects the group’s desire to play the drums with the simple heart of a child.
Date: Sat 20 Jul
Time: 19:30-21:30
Event website: http://www.247tickets.com/t/kodo-evolution-beijing
Venue name: Tianqiao Performing Arts Centre (天桥艺术中心)
English address: Building 9 Tianqiao Nandajie Xicheng
Chinese address: 西城区天桥南大街9号楼
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