Graeme Simsion Reading -- A Tech Guy's Approach to Love

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Yan Ji You Book Store (Wangfujing) , No. 269 Wangfujing dajie Sat 23 Mar

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The "tech guy" is a special personality type: often highly intelligent, and logical, but sometimes lacking in charm and personability. Perhaps a high IQ is simply bound to be accompanied by a low EQ? Today's guests will be discussing the image of the "tech guy": his characteristic oddities, his chances of finding romance, and what can be done to get him out of his rut.

Guests: Graeme Simsion, Zheng Ling (Chinese Translator for The Rosie Project)

This event is part of the public programmes organised by the 2019 Australian Writers Week in China.

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Date: Sat 23 Mar
Time: 3-4.30pm
Event admission: FREE
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Venue name: Yan Ji You Book Store (Wangfujing)
Admission: FREE
English address: 1 Floor Wangfu Zhonghuan No. 269 Wangfujing dajie Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 北京市东城区王府井大街269号王府中環1层
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