The Child’s Eye: Morris Gleitzman in Conversation with Zhou Rui

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FMorris Gleitzman
AIOSPACE (机遇空间) , No. 2 Jiu Xian Qiao road Sat 23 Mar

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Writing from the child’s point of view is a fertile fictional approach: the most complex geopolitical situations can be drawn in the simplest of lines; while the most straightforward personal relations are lent a complexity and nuance that rival the great dramas of the stage. Today’s guests discuss their experiences seeing from a child’s eye, and the ways in which this vantage point has afforded them unique approaches to storytelling.

Guests: Morris Gleitzman, Zhou Rui (Children’s Literature Writer, Winner of France’s Annecy Educational Animation Prize)

This event is part of the public programmes organised by the 2019 Australian Writers Week in China.
Date: Sat 23 Mar
Time: 2-4pm
Event admission: FREE
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Venue name: AIOSPACE (机遇空间)
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Admission: FREE
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