Hazy Summer Night

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Yue Space , 7 Banqiaonanxiang Sat 24 Aug 2019

This event has now passed.

Chengdu indie rock band DaydreamSecrets are at Yue Space with LOFT BEACH, Lonely Cookies, Peach Illusion, Hoo! and Then, Islands.

DaydreamSecrets is an indie rock band from Chengdu, founded in 2017. When most people numbly build 'trapped self-consciousness' brick walls, these young teenagers try to reshape their world-views with their unique young romantic spirits and unlimited imagination. Based on British rock and roll, along with dreamy, aesthetic and electrified music languages, the works of DaydreamSecrets show us a unique musical attitude: strolling from reality, deconstructing life in a hazy way, but not losing the heart.

Undoubtedly, DaydreamSecrets is full of tremendous rock power and young ambitions, intertwined with restless hormones and ardent style. They convey a very powerful 'Voice of youths in Shu area' to the world.

LOFT BEACH's music is a mix of 60‘s psychedelic and 90’s retro, with transparent guitars and pleasing vocal melodies, creating a very moving live performance. Like a river’s current, like teenagers playing in the summer, surfing by the sea or daydreaming about the universe, it’s a unique interpretation of freedom and truth told by Asian youth. They will bring you back to the colorful memories of your past.

Lonely Cookies come from Wuhan, composed of Han Feng, Zhengqi Lin, Chen Zhao, and Chao Ling. These East Lake surfers have never seen the sea, somehow have got the coastal spirits. Deeply influenced by The Cure, Advantage Lucy, Freckles, they produce romantic pop with sweet melodies out of daily mediocre routines.

Peach Illusion was formed in Xiamen by Quanquan and C.c in May 2018. Peach stands for innocence and sweetness, just as teenagers see the world. The newly graduated duo began their attempt to blend in the adult world, with collisions between imagination and reality, they decided to look for the truth, seeking what is behind the sweet illusion.

Later on, bassist Aze and drummer Naying joined in Shanghai, bringing more to the band. Adding city-pop romance to the band's Indiepop and Synthpop foundation, with a bit elements of retro-electro and samples from nature, Peach Illusion presents a midnight peachy and smooth dreamland.

Hoo! is an independent rock n' roll band from Guangzhou. Hoo! can be either a soft exclamation or a loud cheer, the concept of which is a primitive mood word expressing various emotions.

The band was formed in the summer of 2018 by vocalist Luo and guitarist Zhe, from two Guangzhou local punk bands. They met outside a rehearsal room and decided to form a band together, producing a bit of naughty indie-pop featuring bright guitars and upbeat melodies.

Then, Islands is composed of 4 young musicians from 4 different cities. Their music is a mix of post-rock, math rock, EXP, and Ambient. Their shows are powerful and highly distinctive.
Date: Sat 24 Aug 2019
Time: 7.30pm-late
Event admission: 120RMB (adv), 150RMB (door)
Venue name: Yue Space
Open: 11am-6pm (café hours), 7pm-midnight (bar hours) daily
English address: 7 Banqiaonanxiang Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 东城区板桥南巷7号人美大厦北楼一楼
  • 4 out of 5 stars