MTA Festival 2019

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Tianmo Nature Scenic Area , Tianmo Huailai Zhangjiakou Hebei Sat 29 Jun - Sun 30 Jun

This event has now passed.

Returning for another year, two-day music fiesta MTA Festival takes over Tianmo Desert this June, this time with local icons Higher Brothers, Re-Tros and Omnipotent Youth Society leading the charge. A desert rave featuring music, technology and art (that's what MTA stands for, in case you were curious), dedicated festivalgoers can also camp out for the entire duration.
Date: Sat 29 Jun - Sun 30 Jun
Time: various-various
Event admission: 350RMB (one-day pass); 280RMB (one-day pass, presale); 450RMB (two-day, three-night pass)
Venue name: Tianmo Nature Scenic Area
English address: Tianmo Huailai Zhangjiakou Hebei
Chinese address: 天漠地区 怀来县 张家口市 河北省
  • 4 out of 5 stars