Eternal Light Records First Anniversary

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Photo: Eternal Light Records/Lantern
Lantern , Thu 15 Aug

This event has now passed.

Eternal Light Records is a worldwide community around future minimalism managed by Everest and his crew. The eternal light is music that brings unlimited light to your hearts. They are committed to creating minimalist futuristic music and a platform for musicians to communicate. Every artist's music is different. Eternal Light is positioned to find culturally valuable and innovative voices that aim to dig and spread the potential and unique music popularising the niche. The release works refer to international distribution standards, and the distribution style is based on techno, glitch, experimental, ambient and melodic music.
Date: Thu 15 Aug
Time: 10.30pm-late
Event admission: tbc
Venue name: Lantern
Open: 9pm-6.30am daily
English address: 100m north of the Workers' Stadium west gate, (in the basement behind Xuxianlou Restaurant) Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 工体西门向北100米(许仙楼餐厅后侧地下)
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