The Diotima Quartet

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F Diotima Quartet

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The famous Diotima Quartet raises the incredible challenge of performing the entirety of Béla Bartók's six quartets, which are to the music of the twentieth century, what Beethoven's sixteen quartets are to the music of the nineteenth century: a technical feat and an aesthetic revolution. Bartók explores all the systems of the avant-gardes of his time, like the popular music he collects with passion, his musical genius and his insatiable curiosity harmoniously combining chromaticism and diatonicism. Click here for more information.
Date: 22 May , 22-23 May
Time: 7.30-9.30pm (22 May), 7.30-9.30pmm (22-23 May)
Event admission: 100RMB-380RMB
Venue name: Forbidden City Concert Hall (FCCH) (中山公园音乐堂)
Open: varies
English address: Xichang'an Jie Tiananmen, Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 东城区西长安街中山公园内
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