Escaping From the Temple

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escaping from the temple

This event has now passed.

Escaping From the Temple was derived from two famous Chinese Kunqu Operas: Longing For the Mundane and Going Down the Mountain. As far as the difficulty level is concerned, Longing For the Mundane is well known as the most demanding one to perform for female artists. In his book My Country and My People, famous author Mr Lin Yutang once marvelled at the monologue script of the young nun in Longing For the Mundane that, 'this is undoubtedly top-notch literature in China'.

Zhao Liang inventively presents the Kunqu Opera performances simultaneously on the stage, featuring both the natural beauty of the former and the avant-garde dynamics of the latter. Such an approach incorporating 'drama within drama' is very challenging. The role of the young nun is played out by two people, among whom Ms Dong Fei has been trained under the lineage of the great Peking Opera master Mr Mei Lanfang. She will play the role of Empty and sing Kunqu alive on the stage.
Date: Sat 14 Apr
Time: 19:30-21:30
Event admission: 99-580RMB
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Venue name: Tianqiao Performing Arts Centre (天桥艺术中心)
English address: Building 9 Tianqiao Nandajie Xicheng
Chinese address: 西城区天桥南大街9号楼