Historical Run: From City to City within Your City

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Photo: Beijing Postcards

This event has now passed.

Moving ignites your brain, when you try to understand something the physicality of it should not be ignored. That is why Beijing Postcards has developed a historical run. The idea is to follow a themed trail through the city, passing historical reference points along the way, connecting the dots with your feet. The route will trace the cities of the of the old capital passing remnants of: The Inner City, The Outer City, The Mongolian City, The Legation Quarter, The Imperial City, The Forbidden City, and much more.

The run starts out at the Old Observatory next to Jianguomen and end at the Beijing Postcards Public History Space is located, start off with an introduction to the trail. During the run you'll stop three times for a few condensed introductions to the areas the run covers. After arriving at the Public History Space you will be able to trace the route you have completed on multiple historical maps from the Beijing Postcards collection. To participate in this run you will have to be able to run 9 kilometers in an hour. Including the stops, everyone should be able to finish the course within 1 hour and 45 minutes. There will be two groups running at different paces. One group running around 10km`an hour and one running 12km an hour. This is a historical run, but not a race with time. To learn more and register please check the Beijing Postcards website, or click here.
Date: Sat 19 Oct
Time: 10am-noon
Event admission: 120RMB
Event website: http://www.bjpostcards.com
Venue name: Jianguomen Subway Station, Exit C
English address: Jianguomen Subway Station, Exit C
Chinese address: 建国门地铁站C出口
Event telephone: 130 1107 8680
Event email: info@bjpostcards.com
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