A Crash Course to the Forbidden City

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Photo: Beijing Postcards

This event has now passed.

During the dynasties, the Imperial palace existed only as an idea to most people. It was the root of power. A mysterious presence that balanced heaven and earth. Present yet concealed right in the middle of the Capital. Stories of the castrated eunuch servants, the beautiful concubines and not least the vast amount of treasure in the palace were told all around the empire, but surrounded by a more than 10 metre high wall, no commoner could freely take a glance at the Imperial residence, in fact, people did not even know what the emperor looked like. This was what earned the palace the name the Forbidden City. Now that the public can freely enter, hordes of people move through the most sacred halls of Imperial China, but what about the secrets locked in the ideas so deeply rooted in the imperial architecture?

'A Crash Course to the Forbidden City' is a humble attempt to unlock the meaning behind the chambers of the palace in a condensed and hopefully entertaining way. It's an attempt to give you a comprehensive history of the palace from when it was built 600 years ago till the last boy-emperor finally left in 1924. Click here to register.
Date: Wed 14 Aug
Time: 11am-3.30pm
Event admission: 350RMB
Event website: http://www.bjpostcards.com/
Venue name: Tiananmen West Subway Station
English address:
Chinese address: 地铁1号线天安门西站
Event telephone: 130 1107 8680
Event email: info@bjpostcards.com
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