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It's a Dad's Life: father of newborn twins

Meet Alexander Molina, father of three and a partner in the Mosto Restaurant Group

Meet Alexander Molina, father of three and a partner in the Mosto Restaurant Group

Tell us about your family.

My wife Eva is from Sweden and I’m from Colombia. Our daughter Edda is four, and our twin boys Milo and Dante are four months. We live in Sanlitun.

How long has your family been in Beijing?
My wife came to China in 1996 and I arrived ten years later.

Congratulations on your twin sons! What was the birthing experience like?
Wonderful! They were born at Beijing United Family Hospital. It was different from our first child in that we knew what to expect – although having twins is definitely double trouble! We found that planning and organising becomes key. Also, I wasn’t paranoid as I was with the birth of Edda – I didn’t feel the need to check their breathing every ten minutes while they were sleeping.

What are the perks of bringing up a young family in Beijing?
We’re able to give our children the opportunity to learn Chinese and meet kids from other nationalities – it definitely opens up their worlds. It’s awesome exposing them to so many different cultures. And of course, being able to have an ayi to support us is a great help – especially when you go from one to three children at once!

What are the challenges?

The number one challenge has to be the pollution.

When do you get to spend time with your kids, and what do you do together?
Our mornings are like what dinner time is to other families. That’s when we sit together at the dining table, talking and sharing. We also try to spend as much of the weekend we can together. Over the winter, we went ice skating and tried snow boarding. As the weather gets warmer we’ll be spending time in our cottage in the mountains. It’s a great way to escape the big city and always feels like a mini holiday.

Where is your favourite destination for a family holiday?

Our cottage, of course, but outside China it would be Bali. We like the laid-back life on the island, and the mix of serene beaches, rainforest, temples and buzzing beach town which has nice restaurants and small designer boutiques.

What advice do you have for dads who have just arrived in Beijing with their families?
As much as my wife and I love China, it can also feel hard sometimes, mainly because of the climate, differences in culture and the fast pace of the city and of work. So I think it’s all about having the right attitude and rolling with the punches. I would also say, don’t lose the bigger picture in lengthy talks about pollution. Instead, use the time and the opportunity of living in a new city to explore all it has to offer! Beijing has some pretty cool places to see.

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