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It's a Dad's Life: owner of Le Kids

Jonathan Ma, owner of the new children's centre in Lido is a proud father of two

Time Out Family catches up with Jonathan Ma, owner of Le Kids, the new children's centre in Lido

Introduce us to your family.

I was born in Taiwan and grew up in LA. My wife and I have two sons, Ocean (5) and Troy (2). We moved to Beijing seven years ago, so my kids have grown up here.

How do you spend time with your kids?
On school days, I get woken up about 6am by my sons! They’re often asleep by the time I get home from work. Running my own company means that I can be flexible, so when I can I have lunch with my family or have a snack or a nap with my younger son. Every Sunday we spend time together as a family, and we also go on holiday every three months.

Where is your favourite destination for a family holiday?

We go all around Asia, but my wife is in love with Okinawa (island in the south of Japan). It’s the most convenient place for kids. It’s not far, the people are nice, the weather is perfect and there are plenty of outdoor activities with enough space for the kids to burn out! Plus, all the facilities are family-friendly, with nappy changing spots, kids’ menus and easy access for strollers.

What do you do on Sundays?

We live in Lido, which is a great area for families. This means we don’t waste time travelling. We love Chaoyang Park where I play basketball and the kids go to the play areas, then we might go for lunch at a nearby restaurant such as The Rug or in Indigo mall.

How do you entertain the kids when the air quality is bad?
We turn the house into a play area by moving the furniture to one side, and just go crazy. We have a slide and even play basketball!

Tell us about Le Kids.

It’s great for developing your child’s hobbies. They can learn a language, cooking, art and much more. We build their confidence and get them to really have fun!

What advice do you have for dads who have just arrived in Beijing?

Settle in an area that you feel comfortable – don’t save a penny on the rent! Pick a convenient area; you don’t want to travel at the weekend because it kills 50 percent of the fun. Then, explore the new environment and make good friends for a bit of support.

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