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Beijing to develop pollution-combating corridors

A series of ventilation corridors will help clean out pollutants and smog trapped in the city

In one of the newest initiatives to combat the city’s air pollution problem, a network of ventilation corridors is being developed that will help clear smog and pollutants trapped inside the city, Beijing authorities told state news agency Xinhua earlier this week.

The network of corridors, largely starting in Beijing’s northern suburbs and flowing south through the city, will connect parks, rivers and highways.

Construction along these corridors, one of which passes through the Olympic Park and Temple of Heaven, will be highly regulated and existing buildings and obstacles along the paths will gradually be removed.

‘Ventilation corridors can improve wind flow through a city so that wind can blow away heat and pollutants, relieving urban heat…and air pollution,’ Wang Fei, deputy head of Beijing’s urban planning committee, told Xinhua.

News of the ventilation corridor network comes just in the wake of Beijing issuing its first-ever red alert last December. Currently, red alerts are issued for AQI readings above 200 for three consecutive days.

However, starting in March the threshold for these alerts will change which may result in fewer red alert days overall, in which public schools are closed and restrictions on driving are put in place.

Also according to Xinhua, a red alert will be issued if the AQI is forecast to be over 500 for one day, 300 for two days or 200 for four days under the updated system.

We hope that Beijing’s ventilation corridors help bring on more blue-sky days. In the meantime, get smog smart with some of our favourite in-home air purifiers and the best PM2.5 particle-beating face masks.

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