Kid's Eye View: Beijing Wildlife Park

Julia, David and Olivia Seidel from BSB review the Beijing Wildlife Park

All photos by Anna Seidel
Julia (10), David (8) and Olivia (5) Seidel. Students at The British School of Beijing, Shunyi

BeijingWildlifePark5–Anna Seidel

An animal park with a self-drive safari as well as enclosures that one can explore on foot.

What is the Beijing Wildlife Park about?
David (D): The attraction is an animal park. So it’s all about animals. What makes it different from other zoos is that you can drive through the enclosures in your own car or in a park bus.
Julia (J): I hadn’t expected so many animals in one space. I really liked seeing the animals and sticking my head out of the car to watch them. I was very excited to see rhinos and cheetahs – I haven’t seen them for so long (NB: Julia lived in South Africa until she was eight). After the game drive we went to the walking part of the Park which was kind of like a regular zoo.
Olivia (O): The first thing we saw were Asian elephants. I liked that we could look out the top of our car. After the drive, we walked through the zoo.

BeijingWildlifePark–Anna Seidel

BeijingWildlifePark1–Anna Seidel

BeijingWildlifePark7–Anna Seidel

Was it big and did it get crowded when you visited?
O: It was big but there was lots of shade.
D: It was a long way to walk through the whole park. There were lots and lots of animals and birds. We spent an hour driving through the park and another two-to three hours walking.
J: There were quite a few cars in the safari part of the park but it didn’t matter that they kept stopping since it gave us more time to take pictures. At the zoo section, it didn’t feel crowded even though the parking lot was completely full.

BeijingWildlifePark3–Anna Seidel

BeijingWildlifePark2–Anna Seidel

What did you like about the Wildlife Park?
O: I liked the safari and the dinosaur (Jurassic World section) part. The playground there was really fun. It was great for five year olds!
D: I would go back to see the anteater (pictured above) again. There were lots of sections: reptiles, monkeys,birds, African animals, creepy hall with bones and spider webs. The playground also had lots of climbing equipment, ladders, slides and it went pretty high so perhaps not so suitable for younger kids I think.
J: I liked the self-drive safari best. There are also so many different animals in the zoo and we were positively surprised at the good condition the enclosures were in and the relatively large space the animals had. There was also a children’s section with smaller animals and a neat playground/jungle gym. The Jurassic World was very cool – the dinosaurs moved and roared. I liked climbing in the Jeep with the dinosaur attacking you (pictured above).

BeijingWildlifePark9–Anna Seidel

What didn’t you like?
D: The traffic coming home. It took us about 90 minutes to get there from the Shunyi area on a Saturday morning but it took us about two-and-a-half hours for the drive back.
J: That people were ignoring the no feeding signs for the animals.

BeijingWildlifePark6–Anna Seidel

Share with us something you learnt at the park.
J & D: We learned of the existence of the racoon dog, a small white animal. (pictured above)

BeijingWildlifePark8–Anna Seidel

Would you recommend this park to your friends?
O: Yes!
D: Yes. Go early to avoid crowds and before the animals rest in the heat.
J: I would recommend this to my friends. There are so many animals to see. It’s just cool.

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Beijing Wildlife Park

A wildlife theme park with a self-drive safari and animal enclosures

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East off Jingkai Expressway, Yufa exit, Donghulincun (Daxing)
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