Everything you need to know about exiting China with pets

Leaving the PRC with a furry friend takes months of preparation

Whether you travelled to China alongside your beloved furry family member or fell in love with a homeless moggy during your stay, be warned that flying home with the family pet takes months of preparation.

All pets leaving Beijing must comply with Chinese regulations as well as the pet import requirements of the next country. This even includes some Chinese territories such as Hong Kong.

Mary Peng from the International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS) says 2017 saw an increase in the numbers of pets being abandoned when their owners discovered they could not take them home. Don’t risk leaving your pet stranded. Know your obligations with this guide for relocating with man’s best friend.

Exiting from China

Step 1 Your pet must receive a rabies vaccination within a year of departure, but not less than 30 days before leaving. The shot must be given at a designated rabies hospital and confirmation stamped in an official red vaccination book. Rabies vaccinations from other countries are not recognised.

Step 2 Pet owners should take their rabies vaccinated animal to the Quarantine Bureau animal hospital 10-12 days before departure to be screened for parasites, distemper and infection. An inspection certificate is issued if the animal passes. Don’t forget to bring your red vaccination book to prove receipt of the rabies vaccine, one passport per pet, and processing fee. The certificate is valid for seven days.

Step 3 Bring all your documents back to the Quarantine Bureau animal hospital to apply for an exit permit. Once received, you have 14 days to leave the country with your pet.

International pet transport checklist

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