Meet the Beijing company turning children's art into real-life toys

Beijing-based My Thingymabob turns little one’s wildest creations into cuddly toys

Graci Kim, founder of the Beijing-based children’s toy company My Thingymabob, has always been amazed by the creativity of children.

It’s this fascination that motivated the native Kiwi to open a company of her very own that turns the whacky, colourful scribblings kids draw into cuddly, customised toys and rugs.

Graci Kim
‘[Children’s] imaginations are limitless and it seems nothing is impossible in t eir minds,’ says Kim. It’s this creativity that has helped foster the quick success of her startup.

Launched in September of last year, My Thingymabob is quickly turning into one of our favourite local children’s companies and has already delivered custom toys and rugs to families in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The process takes about three weeks from the time a drawing is submitted to the time a custom cuddly shows up on your doorstep. After families submit their child’s artworks, Kim and her team, who are spread out between Beijing, Yangzhou and Kunshan, get to work creating a product that will do the drawing justice.

First, they come up with a colour palatte and a custom pattern that will bring the drawing to life. According to Kim, sometimes getting it just right may mean repeating the process up to three times.

It’s well worth it though, as My Thingymabob’s creations are nearly identical to children’s original drawings.

Toy 1

In addition to snuggly stuffed toys, My Thingymabob turns drawings into rugs made from 100–percent New Zealand wool. After deciding on a colour palatte, the company begins stitching pieces together, much like a mosaic, to create a hand–tufted carpet.

The bespoke toys and carpets aren’t cheap– a plush toy will run you 129USD (850RMB) and a custom rug starts at 250USD (1,650RMB). But a purchase from My Thingymabob is one you can feel good about.

In 2015, all profits from ‘Thingy’, as Kim affectionately calls her venture, went to children’s charity Childfund. Through My Thingymabob, Kim hopes one child’s joy can become another’s survival and will continue to partner with organisations that strive for children’s wellbeing across the globe.
Toy 2

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