The Time Out Family Blind Play Date: a mini review of Latitude

Shunyi trampoline park with rock climbing, foam pits and dodge ball games

We got two families together and sent them out for an afternoon at Shunyi trampoline park Latitude. Our blind play-daters spent the day diving into foam pits, flying through the air on trampolines and playing dodgeball. Was it fun at first sight?

The play-daters


Favourite activities being outside, including biking, swimming and playing football.



8 years old, student at Harrow International School Beijing
Favourite activities loves making things, especially cooking. Also interested in performing arts.


The play date

First impression

Lavi had so much fun balancing on the tight-rope suspended above the foam pit.

Rock-climbing wall, trampoline basketball or the giant airbag...Milo couldn't decide where to go first.

Friend potential

The two families ended the afternoon with a friendly game of trampoline dodgeball. They had tonnes of fun – but really, how could you not have fun at this place?

The venue?

With so many different activity options, Latitude would be hard to get sick of. Only downside our families found? Refreshments are pricy in the Latitude cafe, and jumping around for hours in thirsty work.

Mum's opinion

'We love it! The best thing about the venue is that we don't need to drive all the way into town to get here. It's also a perfect indoor activity for polluted days.'
Aysun Zanlier, Lavi's mum

'We've already decided on Latitude for Milo's birthday. And my colleagues were just here for a team building activity the other day. It's fun for both kids and adults.'
Lee Whitehouse, Milo's mum



  • 4 out of 5 stars