Fun and Science await the kids at this Beijing museum

Think that Science is boring? Then a trip to the China Science and Technology Museum is in order

After a seven-month closure awhile back due to renovations, it's good to see the China Science and Technology Museum up and running again. For those with young kids in tow and looking for somewhere to go, we highly recommend heading here where kids can play and learn at the same time (and where parents don't have to spend a fortune for some fun).

Photos: Zhang Pan Pan

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Children's Science Paradise

Best for kids 3 to 8 years old, the 3,900 square metre kiddie science park offers kids a one-stop experience for both learning and fun, featuring a total of 128 exhibits divided into eight themed exhibition areas. Interactive activities abound, ranging from exhibits introducing the secrets of the human body, outer space, nature and more.

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Is your kid not into science? Well don't worry too much about that. Most of the time the science part feels more like an added bonus; no doubt kids will have fun.

This, for example, is one of the first things that kids will see as soon as they enter the indoor park. The Space Castle, a giant space-themed jungle gym offers slides, a climbing area, a giant 'marine' ball pit, climbing nets and more.

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That's not all we love about this section. The staff also imposes crowd control, and only 25 children can play at a time for a maximum of 25 minutes. You'll have to wait in case it's full, of course, but at least we know the kids won't be playing shoulder-to-shoulder in there!

That's not the only thing space-ious about this area. Kids get to experience different activities including learning how to launch a satellite, trying to assemble their own rockets, docking their spaceships and then see what a day at a space station looks like.

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Close by, learn more about how basic mechanical items work and the human anatomy. Kids can get more hands-on with their learning as they have a closer look at the human anatomy, like figuring out where each human organ belongs.

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Ever wondered about how you can wonder in the first place? Well, you have your wonderful brain to thank for that. Get a closer look at this mysterious human organ with this giant brain display where kids also get to observe what happens to the brain while we're asleep.

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Kids hate brushing their teeth? Then introduce them to the giant teeth and have a go at the giant toothbrush. Instead of simply telling the kids the benefits of brushing their teeth, you'll get to show them in real life with a more visual example. Kids also learn which food is healthy and which aren't.

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Speaking of getting more hands-on activities, kids will get to feel the sand between their toes and colourful sand slip through their fingers. If the family's not headed to the beach anytime soon, then make sure to check this exhibit out.

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There's a giant tree that might easily be mistaken for just decor. Fortunately, it's not, and an owl pops out (to say hello, perhaps) whenever the light appears.

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Kids loved playing in this virtual river, which they had to cross by stepping onto virtual stepping stones across the river. The game starts when you step on the footprint at the foot of this river.

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Check out this Safe Escape simulation. You got this, kid!

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Nearby is the water harbour area and the 'I am an Engineer' corner.

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Kids loved hanging out at this waterworld, where they did more than just play with water. They got to practise their aim by shooting balls into little caves, go through an underwater tunnel without getting wet and... all right, some did just play with water. But in a pretty fun way!

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The I Am an Engineer corner is where budding engineers get to play in a simulated construction site and try out using cranes and other gadgets for some construction.

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And of course, no kiddie construction activity will be complete without a place to put that engineering knowledge to the test. At this table, kids can try to construct little buildings and see whether it can withstand an earthquake.

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Or perhaps they prefer to be high up in the air, away from land. Kids get to test out their airborne dreams by seeing up close what a plane's cockpit looks like and imagine how to fly it.

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There are occasional science performances as well, especially on weekends and holidays. Make sure to check out the schedule for more information!

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Main Museum

The main museum has four floors, with numerous interactive displays that'll keep both adults and kids entertained and inspired. The museum doesn't just aim to share knowledge; from the displays available, guests get to understand the science behind the (displays) and its application in day-to-day life.

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The first floor focuses on technological innovations done during ancient China across many fields: from mining, agriculture and architecture to astronomy, medical treatment and navigational advances.

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The second floor delves more into physics and is divided into two halls. Hall A focuses more on theories and applications behind concepts such as magnetism, the law of motion, light and shadow, atmospheric pressure and more. Hall B focuses on mathematics, acoustics and more.

The third floor delves into the science we deal with in our daily lives while the fourth floor deals more with the possibilities, hopes and challenges we potentially face that science can possibly solve.

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Feeling too tired to trek all the way to the fourth floor? Abandon that thought and make your way up there anyway. At Hall A you'll find an energy laboratory where you'll learn about liquid nitrogen experiments, magnetism and gravity. Ocean-lovers, Hall B is where you want to go, where you'll find a stage where performances about the ocean, its inhabitants and other underwater life-related stories.

General exhibition hall, short-term exhibitions and cinema

Currently on display at the general exhibition hall are items from the popular Chinese movie Wandering Earth including the main astronaut's spacesuit and other costumes used, props, 75 valuable design manuscripts and more.

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Just by the exit of the exhibit is the entrance to the Short Term Exhibition Hall, and currently on display within the 1,500sqm hall is an exhibit celebrating the Periodic Table of Elements' 150th year this year.

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The display will be taking place until the end of August, and there are a ton of activities for kids to learn about the 103 chemical elements that make up the historically groundbreaking arrangement.

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Photo: China Science and Technology Museum

See all the elements on the table, play around with a cannon to blast certain elements onto the screen and see what colour they come out as, and let the kids try their hand at driving an energy car on a virtual road.

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Photo: China Science and Technology Museum

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Photo: China Science and Technology Museum

And as if there's not already tons and tons of things to do, they also have four different types of immersive cinemas to choose from in case you either still have time or intentionally decide to come back for that next time around. Have your pick from four different types of cinematic experiences: the world's largest dome-styled theatre featuring the most advanced 8k laser digital projection system and IMAX film projection equipment, the world's largest screen theatre featuring a 70mm 15-hole IMAX film projection system, a 4D immersive theatre where you get to feel different weather elements such as wind, some drizzling, fog, bubbles and more and the final one where your seats follows the momentum of the film's main character. Now, hopefully, your movie of choice (which you can only pick on the day itself) will be available in the cinema of your choice. (Movie options in Chinese here.)

As we mentioned earlier, however, some new rules have been set to ensure that guests get the best experience possible. For example, only a maximum of 20,000 tickets are available per day for the main exhibition; a maximum of 2,000 tickets for the Children's Paradise in the morning and another 2,000 in the afternoon. We highly recommend purchasing tickets ahead of time before heading to the venue via their WeChat account (WeChat: cdstm2013).

For more information, click here.

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