Meet the Bobbala family

In this regular series, we meet an Indian family living in Lido Apartments

It’s not easy moving to a country with a culture vastly different to your own. In our series on Beijing's personalities and families, Time Out Family checks in on families who have just moved to Beijing, to see how they’re coming along.

The Bobbala family

Parents - Venkata Rao Bobbala and Ramadevi Bobbala
Child - Vindhya Bobbala (3)
From - India

Where do you live?
We moved to Beijing in July 2013, and live in the Lido Apartments in the Chaoyang district.

What are its family-friendly perks for kids in the area?
We have a swimming pool, fitness centre and a tennis court in Lido, plus a wide variety of international restaurants on our doorstep, making life a luxury even on a bad weather day. Beijing United, arguably Beijing’s most respected hospital for internationals, is nearby too. On top of that, it’s just a five-minute walk to Si’de park and 3e International School where Vindhya goes.

What’s the best thing bringing up your family in Beijing?
Beijing is culturally very rich. We’ve seen the locals blend their modern lifestyle with traditional Chinese culture. This is really noticeable in the healthy food menus at schools which, to a great extent, imbibe traditional Chinese medicine principles. It’s also great to watch the elderly perform taichi in the park. Plus, you can get everything you need here whether it’s from western or eastern culture.

Where does Vindhya school?

My daughter Vindhya goes to 3e International School in Chaoyang. We chose it because we found the atmosphere welcoming. Also, all the
staff, from its administration to the teachers, are proficient in English. This was very important to us to ensure comfortable communication. Its campus is spacious, clean and designed to add to the learning experience of the children. We were also impressed with the years of service of the teaching staff at 3e International. We believe children at this age get attached to their teachers and frequent turnover of staff would have a negative effect on Vindhya settling in. Its staff make sure the kids get healthy meals, and monitor the environment such as keeping children indoors on polluted days. We can see our child’s progress and are very satisfied that we chose the right school for her.

What issues did you face as a family moving over to Beijing?

We found that customs takes at least a month to clear your belongings so we had to wait patiently to set up our home. The pollution is something we found difficult to cope with. We also struggled with communicating with the locals as most of them don’t speak English.

And how did you resolve them?
There was nothing we could do about customs but we bought air purifiers and humidifiers to deal with the air pollution. We’re also now used to wearing masks outdoors. With the communication issue, learning Mandarin has been a big help!

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