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Le Kids focuses on four key areas of enhancement: communication and language, expressive arts and design, nutrition discovery and physical development. The curriculum for each focus area is age- and skill-appropriate, and administered by specialists in each of those areas.


Communication and language

I am ready@ Le Kids (2yrs-3yrs)

Mandarin@Le Kids (4 yrs-12yrs)

Oxford Reading@Le Kids (4 yers-12yrs)

Nutrition Discovery

Cooking@Le Kids (Parents& Kids Session/ Kids Session/ Adult Session)

Expressive arts and design

Baby Club@ Le Kids (6 mths-2 yrs)

Global Music@Le Kids (4 yrs-12yrs)

Art@Le Kids (2 yers-12yrs)

Physical Development

Martial Art@Le Kids (4 yers-12yrs)

Class Duration:

6 mths-2yrs – 45mins

2yrs-3yrs – 60mins

3yrs-12yrs – 60mins

For programme schedule, contact admissions@le-kids.com or call 5135 7729/5135 7730 to book a trial class.

Venue name: Le Kids! Centre
Email: admissions@le-kids.com
English address: 1-6 Hairun International 2 Jiangtai Lu Chaoyang
Chinese address: 北京市朝阳区将台路乙2号院 海润国际底商1-6号
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