Preview: Trembling Surfaces

Long March Space plays home to the disconcerting and bizarre

Before the Beginning and After the End II, installation view

Among the handful of Beijing galleries endeavouring to showcase young, emerging and locally based artists, Long March Space has had a particularly strong year. One of our art world highlights for 2016 was Beijing artist Chen Tianzhuo’s Ishvara, which opened with an operatic flourish: Chen staged a three-hour-long stage drama crammed with elaborate costumes, bizarre choreography, outlandish dialogue and a freewheeling musical selection rambling from club music to minimalist feedback noise. The show was grandiose, daring and loud in every sense of the word – and its imagery has stuck with us over the succeeding months.

Long March’s latest exhibition – Before the Beginning and after the End II – was an equally bold group show featuring new work from Chen, including a mutilated, half-skeletal mannequin impaled through one eye with a gold-tipped lance (above).

Feng Chen, Single Eye, 2013-2014, multi-media installation - Courtesy the artist and Long March Space 1

Feng Chen, Single Eye, 2013-2014, multi-media installation

Given their track record in 2016, we look forward to checking out what Long March Space has in store. On Saturday 10 they open Trembling Surfaces, a new group show curated by Guo Xi and Zhang Jianling, recent graduates of the new media department of the School of Intermedia Art. The show will feature the work of nine artists, most of whom are likewise recent graduates or still in school, working in media including painting, performance, and inscrutable technological gadgetry.

We don’t know quite what to expect, besides the fact that it will almost certainly be pleasantly unexpected and unabashedly new.