The best tropical cocktails in Beijing

We tracked down Beijing's best icy cold tropical libations

Totuma Mojito, La Social

la social

A new concept from the same folks behind Mosto, Moka Bros and Modo Urban Deli, the Colombian-inspired La Social is a passion project bar with soul, slinging easy-drinking takes on old favourites. Notably, the Totuma Mojito. Served in a hollowed drinking gourd, a suitable size for washing most newborns, the small bathtub sports a potent tonic of fresh passion fruit pulp, mint, lime juice bitters and a mighty pour of Havana light rum.
Price 88RMB

Coco Jean, Okra


Max Levy’s modern Japanese eatery Okra has always done things a bit differently, and cocktails are no exception. Following a popular Thursday night tiki-takeover by the mixology team from Bottle Boot Cigar (BBC), Okra’s newly renovated bar features some truly tropical libations. Enter the Coco Jean: coconut-infused shochu packs a fragrant punch that gets a hefty dose of mellow from pineapple juice, fresh lime and house-made mandarin orange bitters.
Price 68RMB (plus 10 percent service)

Caribbean Trip, Atmosphere


Can’t make it out of town this summer for your beach break? Let the beach (sort of) come to you. It might not be exactly the same as the feeling of sand between your toes, but a mere eighty-storey lift ride away you’ll find the Caribbean Trip: a sand bucket-sized blend of Cuban light rum, pimento dram, passion fruit, mango, pineapple juice and walnut that has got us wallowing in the filth of our own camp.
Price 95RMB (plus 10 percent service, plus 6 percent VAT)

Mango Hemingway Daiquiri, Mei Bar


Noted American author and warm-weather enthusiast Ernest Hemingway left a storied legacy in both the Floridian isle of Key West and neighbouring Cuba of his fondness of Cuban rum, and especially frozen daiquiris. In honour of Papa, and a twist on his namesake daiquiri, the Rosewood Beijing’s frozen libation takes its rich sweetness from fresh mango puree and maraschino liqueur and is made with equal parts rum, naturally.
Price 90RMB (plus 10 percent service, plus 6 percent VAT)

Bitter Pineapple Caipirinha, Mas


The hutongs of Beixinqiao have long benefited from the Floridian vibes afforded by umbrella and daiquiri dispensary, Mas. Here the Latin influence outweighs the Polynesian, giving way to a bitter pineapple caipirinha that gets a herbal finish courtesy of a dash of Fernet Amaro.
Price 60RMB

Jade Scorpion, The Tiki Bungalow

tiki bungalow

An original take on the ’50s tiki classic cocktail, the Scorpion, this Jade Scorpion is The Tiki Bungalow’s two-handed solution to summer in the city. Fit for two, this potent concoction comes in a startlingly large iconic scorpion mug with as many ludicrously long straws as you think you need to take this beast down. A blend of aged rum, brandy, gin, melon liqueur, almond syrup, lime juice, orange juice and coconut cream pack an intoxicating punch, spelling disaster for any unsuspecting reveler. Imbibe with caution.
Price 80RMB
  • 4 out of 5 stars