4 to try: vermouth cocktails

These bitter-edged cocktails will leave you feeling anything but

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Often overlooked in a long list of ingredients, vermouth provides a devilishly bitter foundation for some of the world’s most revered cocktails – not to mention a playful springboard for creative mixology. Find it in these four drinks around town.

Blossom martini at The Black Moth


The bevvies at The Black Moth are all works of art and the award- winning Blossom Martini (100RMB) is no exception. The pale pink number looks sweet and unassuming but is a woozy combo of gin, dry vermouth and peach blossom wine with a globe of super-chilled sakura jelly plopped in the middle to keep it all cold.

Punt e Mes spritz at Nina


Spritzes and negronis run the show at recently launched Beiluoguxiang bar Nina. The Punt e Mes spritz (70RMB) contains prosecco, soda and a healthy splash of the drink’s namesake vermouth, and is garnished with cherries for a hint of sweetness.

Le Figaro: 9pm at Press Release


At Press Release the décor is all neon lights, retro typewriters and arty indie magazines. Owner Issey Lin recommends the Le Figaro: 9pm (70RMB), a mix of Cocchi vermouth and cognac, livened up with sprigs of thyme and a chunk of fresh lemon.

Frozen negroni at Janes and Hooch


The negroni: so popular it even has its own week. Try a slushie version made for summer that comes garnished with a toy dinosaur and lollipop but packs the same bitter punch that drinkers have come to love. This cocktail (80RMB) is part of the Janes and Hooch’s Qui Si Beve pop-up and is available through the end of September.

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