Peter Kruder

Half of downtempo legends Kruder & Dorfmeister comes to Beijing.

Peter Kruder plays Tango on Saturday 12 November

Good news, everyone! Peter Kruder – best known as one half of Viennese downtempo legends Kruder & Dorfmeister – is returning to Beijing this month for another musically inspiring set. It’s very exciting stuff, not just because of Kruder’s rock-solid abilities as a DJ, but because of his stature in the scene, being the cofounder of G-Stone Recordings and instrumental in making Vienna one of the world centres of dance music.
Of course, times are harder in this era of illegal downloading. ‘My advice to anyone starting a label would be to produce everything as cheaply as possible,’ Kruder says. ‘You cannot spend money on things like we used to; we’d always hire a string section, get session musicians in or rent an expensive studio, but now we have to keep everything to a reasonable amount. Running a record label these days involves a lot of hard work for very little reward – except for people liking your music.’
Perhaps that’s why Kruder has released just three vinyls in 15 years, with most of his work focusing on Kruder & Dorfmeister remixes of Radiohead and Depeche Mode, among others. ‘The key to a good remix is making it sound like yourself, putting a personal mark on it,’ he explains. ‘That’s your job. When people ask for a remix, they expect a certain thing, a certain quality, and that’s our aim. A good remix is better than the original. That’s always the goal, the ultimate aim, to improve on a fantastic piece of music. We actually got asked to remix the first couple of records by Air, but the music was so perfect I just didn’t want to touch it. If I don’t think that I can improve a song – either because it’s perfect or really terrible – then the best thing to do is just decline the job.’