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Food of the future: 3D food printing in Beijing

Try your hand at visionary culinary arts at this free design adventure

Remember the time you almost burned down your childhood house with your Easy-Bake Oven. We do. And how your parents marvel at how outrageously bad at cooking you’ve been since birth? Again, we do.

Luckily, long gone are the days when that trusted toy was a chef’s best friend. As technology rapidly develops, so do our innate abilities in the culinary arts, aided by better tools every day. (You’re welcome for the gift idea for your aunt who really just never quite nails that Christmas cake, by the way.)

With the wonders of 3D printing, cooking is not only made infinitely easier and more design-friendly: the physical elements of creating a dish are practically rendered obsolete. This great leap forward in design allows for an incredible amount of creativity in the cooking process, a development about which design coalition DeFacto wants to teach the world.

To jump-start their education campaigns, with the help of Hub3D, DeFacto is organising a food 3D printing workshop held at the World Culture Open's W Stage.

Animatedly entitled, ‘Future Food!’, it will provide the opportunity for anyone to celebrate and become educated on the wonders of 3D printing and – more importantly – to discover what 3D printing means for the of future of our hungry bellies.

The program seeks to answer some questions: Where do we currently stand with 3D printing developments? What can already be printed? And how do we get started on creating something ourselves?

Future Food! consists of three main components: a 3D printed chocolate zone, where you can create custom chocolate from your own design; a multi-media room showing the progress in 3D-printing technology and printed food projects; and a cookie cutter competition, where the top cookie designs will be selected and shown through the printing process – a lucky few will be given customised food cutters to take home (just keep them away from that easy bake oven). Sounds scrumptious and we're sure there will be plenty of extra food flying around.


To check out these exciting culinary times and try your hand at some new-age voodoo technology straight out of Star Trek – we all remember the infamous food synthesizer – head over to Dangdai MOMA on the afternoon of Saturday 1 August.

Satisfying design and a full belly sounds like a fine itinerary. Especially if it keeps us out of the kitchen.


3D Printing: Future Food! will be at W Stage on Saturday, August 1. See full event information here.
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