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We went to the McDonald's 25th birthday party and it was so dope

Ronald and posse throw birthday bash celebrating 25 years of Mainland Mickey D's

Ronald McDonald and friends celebrating 25 years in China
McDonald's China celebrated 25 years of brazen cultural interventionism on the Mainland with a toy exhibition and a magic show – and we're lovin' it!


Complete with pyrotechnics and a big red cake, the auspicious occasion marked the opening of the burger giant's new Taikoo Li exhibition Qiqu Wanju Chang (奇趣玩具厂, loosely translated as ‘Whimsical Toy Factory’), a Happy Meal retrospective celebrating 25 years of McDonald's in China.


Ronald, Hamburglar, Birdie and perennial dunce Grimace were all in attendance, but it was Ronald who stole the show, appearing by way of transfigurative magic trick before delivering a landmark speech in fluent Mandarin. Take that, Zuckerberg!

Small Ronald McDonald figurine enters magic box.

Magic blind is drawn.

Ronald McDonald appears...

... and delivers landmark speech. So. Much. Yellow.

Held at Taikoo Li's The Orange, the exhibition takes enthusiasts on a technicolour turn though McMemory lane, showcasing hundreds of toys from the past quarter-century. It's quite a Hello Kitty-heavy portfolio.




Some sort of pneumatic Smurf tube arrangement

‘Whimsical Toy Factory’ is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons, the best of which being the view into the psychotic mind under all that red curly hair; the second being the sweet ball pit. It's also free.

See you at the 50th!


McDonald's ‘Whimsical Toy Factory’ is open to the public until Tuesday 5 April. See full event details.