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Birdwatching in Beijing

Spend a Sunday morning discovering the nature Beijing has on offer

Wang Fang
With Christmas approaching the kids will be excited about all the gifts awaiting them under the tree, but why not get them excited about the magic of nature, for free right here in Beijing?

This Sunday, EcoAction will be hosting bird-watching and fun nature activities at Olympic Forest Park aimed to make us learn about and appreciate nature.

While 7.45am may be an early start on a Sunday morning but on the bright side it will mean that you’ll have a better chance of spotting more of the 400+ species on show in Beijing according to EcoAction.

Experienced English and Chinese speaking guides will be on hand to help you distinguish your Grey-headed Woodpecker from your Grey-capped Pygmy Woodpecker. After some outdoor games you’ll be taken inside out of the cold for some more activities and ‘special’ refreshments cooked by solar power.

The activities will finish at midday just in time for lunch or if you’ve been inspired enough then why not dive back into nature for the rest of the day.

EcoAction is a new organisation committed to helping non-profit projects on environment conservation and education in local communities. You can find out more about them by contacting info@ecoactionnow.com or by visiting www.ecoactionnow.com.

EcoAction FAM will be at Olympic Forest Park on Sunday 22 December from 7.45am-midday. Check out the event listing for more details on how to register to attend.
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