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Dating in Beijing: how is it for you?

Represent Beijing in Time Out's global survey

Oh, hello. Sorry, we're late. You know what this Beijing web traffic's like.

Wow... that's a nice server you've got, very unusual. Although, you've kind of got a bit of a VPN showing...

Sorry! Yes, sorry, that was inappropriate, you're right: we make bad jokes when we're nervous.

Let's start over: you date, right? And you date in Beijing, that's why you were on Time Out Beijing clicking all over our dating links. So you should fill out the Time Out global dating survey.

It's not racy (unlike our recent sex survey), it's totally anonymous and, unlike a real date, you can skip any parts that seem boring or weird.

So, what are you waiting for? Get form filling below (or, if this page doesn't work for you, over here).

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