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Jing A's planning a huge beer festival and we're drunk on happiness (and beer)

It's being held in collaboration with breweries from the Pacific Northwest

Jing A
If there's two words that sit well with us here at Time Out, they're 'beer' and 'festival', particularly when they're used in conjunction with one another. Because of this, and in the context of our insatiable lust for craft frothies, the news that one of Beijing's favourite breweries is throwing a massive boozy bash in November makes us very excited indeed.

Love you too, Bubble Lab!

The fantastic festy, organised by Jing A and happening on the 3-4 November, will be China's first collaborative beer festival and goes by the moniker of the 8x8 Brewing Project. Preparations for the event are already well under way, with eight breweries from the Pacific Northwest – which is considered by some to be the spiritual home of craft beer, don'tcha know – being paired with eight of their Chinese contemporaries. All the breweries will be bringing some of their team along to 8x8, so you can bombard them with all your questions regarding the precise difference between an Imperial and American IPA.

Maybe you'll even get to hang around with the good folks from 10 Barrel Brewing Co.

The intercontinental beer nerds will be paired up, and then have all summer to head to the drawing board to devise and brew a beer together, reflecting the aesthetics, ideology and style of the parent breweries in the production of a tasty little beer baby. After much hubble, bubble, toil and (yes, plenty of trouble), the beers will then be brought to Beijing to be sampled at the festival, alongside highlights from all of the participating breweries' rosters, in what we hope will be a big sloppy knees-up of an event.

It's going to be massive, featuring two days of alcohol action, four free-flow tasting sessions and an estimated 136 unique beers across the whole weekend. Some of the breweries rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in include Seattle's Cloudburst Brewing, Portland's Culmination and Parallel 49 Brewing, coming all the way from Vancouver.

You look thirsty, mate. Have a beer.

However, knowing the Jing A team like we do, and appreciating their ability to throw a curveball like a pissed-up baseball pro, we wouldn't get complacent – they're guaranteed to have a surprise or two hidden behind the kegs. Be careful, beer fans and enthusiastic drunks alike: something wicked(ly good) this way comes.

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