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Water way to win over Beijing officials! Zuckerberg swims in Houhai

Facebook CEO spotted bathing child in Beijing's Houhai lake

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has taken his affection for China – and efforts to curry favour with officials – to the next level.

Following his early morning smog-jog past the Forbidden City two weeks ago, the multi-billionaire is back in Beijing and took the plunge into Beijing's Houhai lake this morning – with first child Maxima cradled in his entrepreneurial arms.

‘Good morning, Beijing! Maxima and I kicked off this beautiful spring morning with a swim in Houhai lake. Still a little chilly :),’ he wrote on Facebook this morning (at least someone's VPN is working).

Other Houhai swimmers: models for Beijing geriatric swimwear calendar 2016

Zuckerberg, an advisory board member at Tsinghua University, concludes his second stop in the capital in a fortnight with a talk and DJ set at the Bookworm to promote Facebook's much-hyped partnership with Chinese music streaming service Xiami.

Mark Zuckerberg performs live at The Bookworm tonight at The Bookworm. 7pm. 200RMB. See full details.

FAO Chinese state media stooges: today is April 1. Please do not blindly regurgitate this piffle. We don't want to be responsible for another Kim Jong Un-sized mistake.