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Try this: Beijing's glass-bottomed 'Flying Saucer'

Take a day trip to Shilinxia Scenic Area to walk straight off a cliff

So Shanghai’s getting a Disneyland, but you can at least get that Wile E Coyote feeling here in Beijing, by running off a cliff yet staying aloft.

Shilinxia Scenic Area has dangled a terrifying new glass-bottomed viewing platform over the side of a cliff. Our favourite type. And its 38-metre diameter means it sticks out a full 11 metres farther than that little Skywalk over the Grand Canyon.

If you’re going to visit a glass viewing platform, it may as well be the biggest in the world and 400m off the ground, right? The bit you can walk around on would make an area just larger than two tennis courts.

The whole floor is glass so there’s no escape from the views, nor from throngs of tourists – if you don’t like being shoved while 20 metres higher than the Empire State Building, keep away from the edge. Crawling while reassuring yourself of the strength of the glass and anticorrosive properties of the titanium alloy structure is fine.

Like all of Beijing’s best bits, it’s quite far out. At around 100km to the northeast in Pinggu district, getting there could be the most intrepid part. To help justify the journey, in the park itself you’ll find more to see than other people’s selfie sticks, with wooded walkways, waterfalls, secluded pavilions and rollercoasters.

Entry to the viewing platform is 20RMB, including compulsory shoe cover hire, though there’s an additional 78RMB ticket to get into the park.

Getting there It’s about an hour and a half’s drive or, if you’re a sucker for public transport, take Subway Line 15 to its last stop, Fengbo station (Shunyi). Leave via Exit C2 for the the 98 or 918 bus. Get off at Pinggu Yingbin roundabout (平谷迎宾环 岛站) and from the same stop take the 25 bus to the Shilinxia stop. The buses take three hours in total.

Shilinxia Scenic Area 73 Diaowocun, Huangsongyu county, Pinggu district (6098 7678, jdslx.com). Open 7.30am-5.30pm Mon- Fri, 7am-5.30pm weekends and holidays. 平谷区黄松峪乡雕窝村73 号石林峡景区