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Someone cemented over the Great Wall and it looks ridiculous

Chinese netizens react to questionable concrete restoration

It is said that it took centuries and several million labourers to build the 5,500 miles of Great Wall. Deaths were countless and, ultimately, it actually did a pretty shoddy job of keeping invaders out.

Upkeep was an impossible task, so it was largely left to crumble and tumble away over the years, and the majority of it now lies in a state of decay, slowly eroding into the earth.

But never fear, the instant restoration team is here! Thanks to the efforts and ingenuity of the Suizhong County Cultural Relics Bureau, one section of the Unesco World Heritage-rated Wall in Liaoning has been majestically restored to its former glory; some would even say improved for the modern era.

Image: Sina.

Behold the smooth and sheen concrete monstrosity. Back in 2014, the Cultural Relics Bureau – dedicated to tasteful preservation and restoration of historical monuments – figured that hitting the turbo-restore button and pouring heaps of concrete over this 700-year-old portion of history was the best way to stop the rot.

Image: Sina.

But it is only now, two years on, as Sina reports, that it has began to gain attention across the web, and how it managed to stay a secret for two years is anybody's guess – the cement-happy chappies probably did the right thing in deciding to never speak of their suspect craftsmanship again.

It's been widely lambasted across social media, sparking a debate about the way in which such restoration and protection is handled. Here are some of our favourite posts.

opinion 1
'Reasonable and legal? They made this decision with their arses rather than their heads.'

opinion 2
'What a bunch of dog s**ts! There are so many ancient temples and sites are being destroyed, and they say it's all legal!'

opinion 3
'Love it, next step, whack some ceramic tiling on it, that'll protect it nicely.'

opinion 4
'How have these s**t heads managed to end up in charge of a cultural relics bureau?'

opinion 5
'Awesome, give it another 20 years and there'll be a two-way, eight-lane road there.'

opinion 6
'Such intelligent and thoughtful leaders are rare, maybe we should protect them in concrete too.'

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