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Watch: This epic video of the Great Wall in the snow is just beautiful

Not to get all sentimental, but it really makes you appreciate Beijing

Tom van Dillen
This is perhaps the most breathtaking thing we've seen all year. We're not going to give you any preamble, just an awe-inspiring video of one of the most famous sites in the world covered in a layer of snow. [VPNs on]

The guy behind the drone controls is Beijinger Tom van Dillen, who was also responsible for the awesome fireworks timelapse video from last year.

tom van dillen
All photos courtesy of Tom van Dillen

'I'd been wanting to capture the Great Wall in snow for years,' van Dillen told Time Out, 'so when I saw the snow forecast I decided to get up early to get to the Wall. Everything was shot within one-and-a-half hours.'

tom van dillen 2
Tom van Dillen

'I was very happy about the cloud level,' says van Dillen. 'It really adds to the atmosphere I think.' Hey, no kidding! We've never seen the Wall look so atmospheric. This is some next-level Mordor s**t.

tom van dillen 3
Tom van Dillen

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