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Basketball star Stephon Marbury leaves the Beijing Ducks

Our favourite maverick is ducking out

Stephon Marbury 

It’s always tough waving a loved-one goodbye, isn’t it? Watching them pack their stuff up and leave- that bit where you hear the front door gently close behind them. You sigh: it’s the end of an era.

After weeks of speculation, it’s been announced that Stephon Marbury and the Beijing Ducks have arrived via a mutual agreement to terminate the former NBA player’s contract. Marbury arrived in China in 2009, first playing for Shanxi Brave Dragons, with his once glittering career in the NBA in pieces and his reputation in ruins. However, Stephon Marbury does not let Stephon Marbury worry about any of that kind of stuff.

Marbury, an honorary Beijinger, leaves the city a roaring success: an icon.

Marbury's Beijing journey

Marbury landed in Beijing in 2012, signing a contract with the Ducks. Success came pretty quickly. The exp