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What on earth is One Belt, One Road?

The international forum is this weekend so you really should know

The One Belt, One Road meeting is likely to have a massive impact on Beijing this Sunday and Monday, but what exactly is it?

belt and road
Sadly it's not a rock festival featuring a sunset slot from Duterte. That's just a silly meme we made.

Basically, the upcoming meeting is happening so the parties involved can discuss the Belt and Road initiative, which is a trade agreement involving Asian, European and African nations and led, with the oomph befitting a rising superpower, by China. Some of the countries involved include Cambodia, Vietnam, India, several Eastern European nations, New Zealand and South Africa.

The Belt and Road focuses on the construction and sustainability of interconnected infrastructure and transport links throughout the region. Hey, no one said it was sexy.

If even this incredibly rudimentary explanation for the blue skies, subway closures and mild vehicular chaos that we've got coming up is too dull for you to pay attention to, then you might want to check out this banger, which doesn't so much sum the Belt and Road up as turn it into an exercise in insanity. Take it away, kiddos!

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