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Mobike to reward good share-bikers, punish bad ones

How good is your bike etiquette?

Mobike's most recent app update included one major addition: a credit score system that now measures good and bad bike use, then doles out gifts or castigation accordingly. For example, users who incorrectly park bikes too much will be charged more to rent bikes.


The system's scores go from 0-1000, with 700-1000 earning an 'Outstanding' score, 601-700 earning 'Excellent', 506-600 earning 'Good', 301-500 earning 'Fair' and 0-300 earning 'Poor'. Mobike will charge 'Poor' riders at 100 times the normal rental fee, while 'Fair' riders will be charged twice the normal rental fee. Riders rated 'Good' and above will receive cash rewards, rental passes and other new services from Mobike.

Here's how your Mobike score can go up or down.
+ Completing a ride without major incident
+ Inviting a new user to Mobike
+ Joining Mobike by invitation
+ Reporting improperly parked bikes
+ Reporting bike malfunctions
- Parking outside designated bike parking areas
- Not following traffic rules or traffic police instructions
- Leaving a bike unlocked

Riders who reach a score of 0 will get a permanent ban from the Mobike service. Installing a private lock, stealing bikes, getting your bike stolen or being convicted for a major traffic violation while on a Mobike will get you an instant ban.


The scores are recalculated every 30 days, and if a rider disagrees with their score, they can file an appeal with Mobike.

It might seem that Mobike has rolled out this new system in response to mounting scrutiny from government bodies and public opinion about the unruliness of its riders, but Mobike claims this system has been in the making for some time.

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