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The best films at the cinema this week

A selection of the best movies currently screening in Beijing

Battle of Memories
Arriving in cinemas this week, Leste Chan's much-anticipated follow-up effort to 2014's The Great Hypnotist is Battle of Memories, a sci-fi thriller set in a future where memory-manipulation has become common-place. The film follows Feng, a prestigious novelist who uses memory-manipulation technology to delete painful memories of his failed marriage. However, after regretting the operation and attempting to recover his lost memories, Feng finds himself in the mind of a serial killer.

Starring Huang Bo in the lead role and boasting a surprisingly large budget for a Chinese film (an estimated $22 million), Battle of Memories' cinematography and slick set design are reminiscent of 2002 film Minority Report. For English-only speakers, make sure you attend a screening that has English subtitles.

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