The best films at the cinema this week

A selection of the best movies currently screening in Beijing

Wolf Warriors 2
After just 13 days since its release, patriotic action flick Wolf Warriors 2 has already become the highest-grossing film ever at the Chinese box office, overtaking this year's The Fate of the Furious. Directed by and starring action star Wu Jing, Wolf Warriors sees Chinese special forces operative Leng Feng enter an African war zone in an attempt to save innocent civilians from Western mercenaries. Featuring Frank Grillo as the excellently cartoon-ish villain Big Daddy, a deluge of gun fights and explosions, and an unapologetically pro-Chinese message, Wolf Warriors 2 is your summer guilty pleasure.

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One-off screenings

Every week, we round up the best screenings taking place outside of Beijing's multiplexes. The best part is, most of them are free.

This month, various cinemas around the capital are screening performances from London's National Theatre. Featuring a slew of high-profile and acclaimed actors performing in a number of different plays, this is a great opportunity to watch classic stage productions here in Beijing.

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