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The best films at the cinema this week

A selection of the best movies currently screening in Beijing

Beauty and the Beast
It feels a little bit bittersweet extolling the virtues of the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast this week. On the one hand, Bill Condon's adaptation is dazzling and moving, on the other hand...did you guys hear about Mulan?

The live-action remake of that particular Disney classic is not going to receive nearly the same reverential treatment that Beauty and the Beast did, with the worst news being that there won't be any songs. In Beauty and the Beast - spoiler alert - the musical numbers are some of the strongest and most engaging scenes. They're gloriously - and unashamedly - over-the-top, while still feeling heartfelt and earnest. Go see it, and appreciate the satisfaction of a live-action Disney film done well.

Moving on, there are some massive general release films out this week, with Kong: Skull Island making its way into cinemas this week. However, if you're wanting to watch something a little less, explosive, then check out the screening of the Beijing Opera's performance of Farewell My Concubine. It's like the Beijing Opera (well, it literally is), but just a lot more accessible and with popcorn.

Finally, check out our selection of one-off film screenings for the most intriguing local indie releases. This week includes a hilariously dark Chinese crime caper and a critically-acclaimed American drama (which currently has a 98% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes).

You can book tickets for all general release films – usually at least 50 percent cheaper than walk-in prices at the cinema – through Time Out Tickets. Click on the film you want to see, choose your seat and pay via card or WeChat Wallet – it's as easy as that. See here for a full list of all the movies in Beijing theatres.
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By: Aaron Fox-Lerner