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The best films at the cinema this week

A selection of the best movies currently screening in Beijing

The Fate of the Furious
Frankly, the Fate of the Furious needs no introduction. The eighth(!) installment in the ridiculously successful Fast and the Furious franchise revved its way into cinemas last Friday, and promptly topped the Chinese box office.

In this latest outing, the franchise's winning formula of street-racing, over-the-top stunts and elaborate heists remains unchanged (why fix what ain't broke?). Existing fans are undoubtedly going to enjoy this film, but even if you're a new viewer, if you're after mindless entertainment and a bunch of bald dudes getting into fights, then the Fate of the Furious is guaranteed to entertain. As a side note, keep an eye out for Helen Mirren's scene-stealing role as Jason Statham's chain-smoking Cockney mum.

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