The best films at the cinema this week

A selection of the best movies currently screening in Beijing

Ranked number three on our our list of the 100 best Mainland Chinese films of all time, Devils on the Doorstep is a Cannes Grand Prix-winning satirical black comedy that deploys farce to divulge the horror of war, and mockingly reproduces the feeling of old-timey, black-and-white 1940s propaganda reels in sight and sound. Set in 1945 in a backwater Chinese village held captive by the Japanese army, the film begins with its bumbling protagonist, Ma Dashan (played by the director), interrupted mid-tryst by a seemingly familiar voice. Upon opening the door, Dashan is met with an unknown intruder who persuades him at gunpoint to stash two captives in his basement cellar until New Year. Chaos ensues. To catch a free screening of this classic film, head to Camera Stylo on Saturday 24 February.

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