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Beware: Watching Logan in Beijing might leave you wanting more

Censors have cut a whopping 10 percent of the film for its China release

Fans of X-Men and interminable film franchises will have been excited this month for the release of Logan, the ninth and final Wolverine film, starring Hugh Jackman as the ageing superhero.

What they might not be so thrilled to hear is that Government censors have cut a whopping 14 minutes from the film ahead of its China release, citing violence and 'brief nudity' as unsuitable for our sensitive dispositions. With the total film running to just under 140 minutes, that's 10 percent of action and intrigue that cinema-goers in China won't be getting.


Logan is also the first film released in China required by law to carry an age restriction warning, saying that children under 12 should be accompanied by adults.

This latest X-Men installment takes a darker turn than the previous editions. It explores questions of violence, children and fatherhood, as well as 'a frightening, discriminatory US policy [that] could only happen in a dystopian future', according to our own reviewer.

Patrick Stewart also returns as Professor X.

Contrast this with The Wolverine, the sixth X-Men film to be released in Beijing, which was more of a 'Wuthering Heights, but with pointy metal claws,' and you can see why viewers might have had a bit of a shock with Logan.

Logan - Official Trailer - 20th Century FOX from CinepaxCinemas on Vimeo.

Watch the trailer for Logan here [VPNs on].

But hey, by all accounts it should still be a great film – Time Out London gave the move four stars.

And remember, you can buy tickets for less than half price with Time Out Tickets. Considering you're still getting 90 percent of the film, that's still a massive bargain.