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'Tosca Coffee' might be China's most blatant rip-off yet

A new cafe in Beijing's Chaoyang Park feels remarkably similar to Costa

Costa Coffee, sad-luck cousin of Frappaccino juggernaut Starbucks, has new competition in the cleverly titled Tosca Coffee. See what they did there?

Costa has an imposter, and it's called Tosca.

The typeface, colour scheme and logo are all eerily similar to Costa – the only thing that's different is the order of a couple of letters. Is Tosca going after the lucrative dyslexic market? Gotta pick up those misspelled Google searches, son.

We need to be careful what we say here (because libel), but it would appear that Tosca doesn't give a hoot about such infringements so long as it's spelt a bit differently. So let's have a look at what these riff-op merchants have done with the place. It's time for an investigation, Mite Out Jeibing style.

Seriously, slide the damning bars to see for yourself.

But surely the logos are profoundly different? NOT SO.

In the mood for cheesecake? Take your pick! (Tosca's admittedly has blueberry bits).

This is not the first time this has happened of course. Back in 2014 a cafe called The Neighbor opened bearing an uncanny resemblance to Beijing's beloved Moka Bro's – with the same logo, menu and more.

Apparently, Tosca Coffee takes its name from Puccini's smash-hit opera of the same name, swears its bullet-sweating owner when we enquired, who also confirmed that he had heard of Costa Coffee but assured us that the irrefutable similarities were all just a crazy coincidence.

And the coffee? Not bad, actually.

19 Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu, Chaoyang district. 朝阳区朝阳公园路19号佳隆国际大厦B座101(邻近凤凰卫视大厦)