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5 reasons to hit up the Time Out Happy Hour at Hatchery

Possibly the happiest hour on earth (TM)

Time Out Happy Hour at Hatchery – Beijing's finest happy hour!
Time Out Beijing's (semi-) regular Happy Hour event teams up with the hottest new venues in town for a special night where readers can see what all the hype is about at specially discounted prices.

The first Time Out Happy Hour was at Great Leap Brewing #45 Brewpub ('pizza Great Leap' to you and me), back when the Liangmaqiao joint first opened. The second Happy Hour, last summer, was at the second Palms LA. Tacos were quaffed, margaritas pounded, and good times had by all.

For the third Time Out Happy Hour, we've teamed up with the restaurant and bar everyone's talking about right now: Hatchery. This Thursday from 6-10pm, there's great deals to be had at the fantastic new space.

It's going to be awesome. Here's why you should go.

1. Because you've been meaning to check out Hatchery


Hatchery is Beijing's first 'culinary incubator'. What does that mean? Well, it's complicated. Basically, it means the kitchen team doesn't rest on its laurels and is constantly turning out fresh concepts. It has an awesome new healthy lunch concept, Soul Bowls, which is definitely worth checking out.

For the Time Out Happy Hour, we're getting involved with Hatchery's boozy nighttime concept: Mighty Mo's Mussels and Beer Bar. Bivalves and beer. Good times.

2. You're thirsty (and possibly broke)

This guy will sort you right out

Get yourself a pint of Jing A's Flying Fist or an Arrow Factory seasonal beer for just 35RMB. Boulevard Pale Ale and Vedett White are also available at the same price, if you don't want to drink local (hey – no judgement).

There's also house cocktails – negroni, rum old fashioned and elderflower spritz – from 40RMB.

3. You're hungry (and love a bargain)

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The Old Faithful Mussels (70RMB for one night only)

The food deals are where the discounts start to pile up, spendthrift readers! Get 500g of the incredible 'Old Faithful' mussels and grilled house-made bread for just 70RMB. The New Zealand green mussels and Old Faithful sauce of butter, white wine, garlic and herb sauce is an absolute must-try.

The Salty Sea Dog (40RMB for one night only)

The 'Salty Sea Dog' hotdog – a smoked, grilled frankfurter with pico de gallo, habanero mustard, jalapeños, chipotle mayo and haloumi in a Hatchery house-made bun, served with hand-cut fries – is yours for 40RMB.

Big Bear Cookies ice cream sandwich (25RMB for one night only)

Finish things off with a Big Bear Cookies ice cream sandwich for a bargain 25RMB. These things are seriously good. Even better than your five-year-old self could ever imagine.

4. You want a toaster to print your selfie

A toast to Beijing's funnest new start-up!

The guys from cool new photo printing service Fresh Prints of Beijing will be on hand with their trusty toaster printer. On the night, send Fresh Prints a photo on WeChat and the toaster will print out your photo for free.

Why a toaster? According to founder Mikey Chee, ‘It's cute and it pops up things when you put them in – sort of like our service.’

Check out Fresh Prints (username ‘freshprintsofbj’) on WeChat. Send them your WeChat photos and they can print out your snaps, put them together in a photo timeline, and even make an awesome calendar out of your favourite images.

5. You want to be (kinda) famous

A screengrab of the last Time Out 'live review'

Watch out for the Time Out team on the night – we'll be hunting down readers to get their opinions on Hatchery for our 'live review' video. We love Hatchery, that's why we're hosting a Happy Hour there. But what do you think?

The 'live review' video at Great Leap Brewing #45 Brewpub

Look out for the team and have your say!

Time Out Happy Hour is at Hatchery 6-10pm Thursday 14 April.
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