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Pie competition winner revealed!

Who gets their pie in lights and a year's free pies?

Photo by Kristen Lum of www.lumdimsum.com
It was a tense scene. Two guys, dozens of pies, a panel of eight judges and the quivering possiblity of fame, glory and a year's free pies for the winner of our much-feted pie competition.

Here's how it went down. We invited our readers to send in their pie name and filling ideas and selected four finalists from the mountain of offensive and inspired entries we received. Those four were:

Shangpai Like the Shanghainese dish 'beggar's chicken': chicken, scallion and soy sauce. From 'Beijing4eva'.
Two Guys and a Thai Chicken, zucchini and green curry sauce. From 'Simple Simon'.
Pierate of the Caribbean Sweet potato, chicken, coconut and a hint of chili. From 'Sparrow'.
Pie Italiana Ricotta cheese, Bechamel sauce and spinach. From 'Giacomo Romagnoli'.

Then eight judges - including Kristen Lum from Lum Dim Sum, Josh from The Hutong and our very own Time Out Beijing Food editor - gathered in a brightly decorated pie shack in Sanlitun to judge the finalists. Munching through the four pies, the cider-fueled excitement built to a climax as each judge cast their vote for the winner in a video diary, Survivor style tete-a-tete outside Two Guys and a Pie. No sooner had we gobbled our last crumb of delicious buttery pie than it was time to announce the winner...

Drum roll please...

It was a beautiful pie, groan-inducing and perfectly spiced to give a kick to its short-crust parcel. Good job, Simple Simon. And to the rest of you contenders: You did good, kids, real good. But as long as Simple Simon's around you'll always be second best.

Two Guys and a Thai (chicken, zucchini and green curry sauce) will be available from Two Guys and a Pie for the following month.
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