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Name changes: Brussels now The Local, plus more

Brussels is The Local, Mesa is Missa and MODO Urban Deli opens

They've livened up the walls at Brussels, now The Local
Was Brussels ever really Belgian? The Sanlitun South pub changed a lot since their original opening, and slowly lost their Eurocentric flavour.

Now it’s official: as of this morning, they’ve taken off their beret, snubbed out their cigarette and walked out as ‘The Local,’ complete with a new website. Now, this doesn’t mean a Beijing-centric pub running on Yanjing drafts and a menu of expensive jianbing. The pub simply wants to reflect that they’re just not Belgian – so upgrading their cocktails, switching up their food, and removing that boy rudely taking a leak from the sign gives it more of its own personality.

Hours are later, menus are meatier and drinks have cheaper options. There’s two new grills, with one outside just as summer gets really going. Most of the rest is the same. But importantly, both the bar and kitchen aim to stay open late, especially during sports games – so that means we can hear the results of games as they happen and not from our jerk friends the next day.

But Brussels isn’t the only spot to have a facelift. Earlier this year, we heard that Taikoo Li lunch-with-wine joint MODO was becoming a new venue, MODO Urban Deli. Now, we love sandwiches (probably an unhealthy amount). But gourmet sandwiches paired with pastas, charcuterie and salads is already getting our appetites going.

Oh, and Mesa is now ‘Missa.’ Everything else there is the same, but some designers get to feed their kids tonight.
  • 4 out of 5 stars