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Two Guys and a Pie loses Two Guys

The small Sanlitun pie shop will close after this weekend

Get your pies now, Beijing. After this weekend, Sanlitun pie shop Two Guys and a Pie will be no more. Kaput. It will cease to be.

Why are the pies gone, you say? Well, like many F&B problems in Beijing, the issue was real estate – the two guys finished out their contract, but before they could renew some jerk walks in with a big wad of money and takes the space. Yet in a statement posted on their website, the owners state how tired they’ve got running the store in addition to their full time jobs, and would like to focus their energies on new products and services. Their loss, as they say, is our gain.

It’s not the end of pies, either. You can still order the pies for delivery, or pick one up at various venues around town (Janes and Hooch, Sweet Tooth, Unconditional Love Coffee, among others). They’ll start catering too. And maybe, if the stars align just right, we’ll get another Two Guys and a Pie store.

Swing by the store to say your goodbyes to the pies this weekend.