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There's something fishy goin' on at McDonald's

The fast food chain has pulled all red meat off the menu

No hamburgers or chicken nuggets at McDonald’s? Say it ain’t so.

Husi Food Company, a Chinese subsidiary of OSI Group, meat supplier to McDo’s, was exposed on the evening news last week for using expired meat at their facilities. The latest food scandal has caused a ripple effect in the fast food industry since OSI also supplies to KFC and Pizza Hut.

With key meaty ingredients out of the mix, Beijingers are left with three choices: The Filet-O-Fish sandwich, McChicken and Chicken drumsticks, which makes us wonder: What are the nuggets made out of?

The cashier at our local McDonald’s pointed at the menu’s limited options, repeating the same lines over and over to confused patrons.

A notice issued on July 25 taped on the cashier’s stand, apologized for the vastly shrunken options, but no word as to why or when the beef and chicken nuggets will return to the golden arches.

Since the gritty revelations, Husi has been shuttered by China’s Food and Drug administration and OSI has recalled all products produced from the grimy unit.

Luckily, no known illnesses or deaths have occurred from this discovery.
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