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Beijing is the most obese city in China

Time to put down those baozi

Jonathan Kos-Read via Flickr
As summer continues to scorch and we reach for yet another ice cream, some less than encouraging news has just rolled in as we roll over.

Uh oh...

A new report by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention has found that Beijing is the most obese place in China, with a scale-busting 26 percent of Beijingers weighing in with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 30. The average national obesity rate is just 12 percent, but Beijing is not the only heavy hitter – Hebei and Xinjiang are in joint second place with 22 percent.

Credit: China Daily/Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The red line indicates obesity rate.

On the whole, northern China is more overweight than the south. Cold weather, heavy foods and generous amounts of jiu of the bai and pi varieties all serve to keep us well-insulated for the blubber-biting winters.

That's not to say that you can't live healthily in Beijing. From trendy salads to cultish fitness crazes, there are plenty of ways to keep fit – it's just that they'll often keep your wallet as light as your weight.


Obviously it's better for everyone to be healthy – downing pints followed by drunken jianbings followed by hangover brunches does not a glowing constitution make. But also, food tastes good and especially so in Beijing's best restaurants. And best dishes. And best street food. So we'll see you at the gym, just after this roujiamo.

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