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The East may be red, but the Great Wall is going green

Well, it's going to be lit up for St Patrick's Day 2017, at least

You're going to need to exchange a few letters in Great Wall and rename it the Green Wall for tonight: the Embassy of Ireland, along with Tourism Ireland, are turning Beijing's beloved landmark into an shamrock-hued dream in tribute to St Patrick's Day and the Emerald Isle.

The so-called 'greening' is taking place as part of a worldwide initiative called Global Greening, aimed at boosting international tourism to Ireland, and this year features such landmark superstars as Matsue Castle in Japan, the One World Trade Centre in New York, City Hall in London, Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona, and many more iconic postcard shots across the globe.

The transformation, due to take place at the Badaling section of the wall, won't be open to the public, so anyone wanting to goggle at the sight of a Unesco World Heritage site lit up like an Irish-themed sports bar will have to wait for the pictures of the event to be released at some point in the future. For now, sit back, take a gander at these snaps from last year's Irishification of the Wall, and plan out your St Paddy's Day revelries with our events guide.

greening 2

greening 3

greening 4

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