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The week's forecast: cold temperatures, pollution and maybe even more snow

Great. Thanks a lot, weather!

There's no easy way to say this, so we're just going to put it out there: this week will see Beijing blighted with both snow and high levels of pollution (at least, according to Apple Weather). We'd thought we'd seen our quota of sneaky sky-ice for the year back in February, but apparently the weather fronts over Dongbei have other ideas.

apple weather march
This has to be a glitch in the Matrix, right? Screenshot: Apple Weather

BBC Weather – the possible last bastion of integrity in the cruel, cruel world of weather forecasting – seems to disagree, predicting rain instead of snow. Either way, the warmer weather we had last week is firmly behind us, with the mercury dropping as low as 0°C this Friday.

revised snow blog 2
Screenshot: BBC Weather

To make matters worse, according to our pals at AirVisual (take a peek at their widget at the top of the page) pollution levels are reckoned to be sky-high all week, so you'll have pollution masks and low visibility to contend with alongside ice-rink pavements and an equally ice-cold house.

Yes, to add insult to inevitable slipping-and-smashing-your-head-in injury, the central heating was turned off on 15 March, so if you've packed away extra blankets and space heaters, now's the time to whip 'em back out.

Let's hope that Spring gets back on track ASAP, so that we can finally get round to all the hutong drinking and dicking around in pedalos that our hearts desire.

Keep warm this week